who we are

Mediracer Ltd. was established in 2002 in Oulu, Finland, as a spin-off from EMG Laboratories Ltd. The company’s founders were specialists in the field of clinical neuro-physiology at the Oulu university hospital, who saw potential in bringing the examination of the most common neurophysiological disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve entrapment in the elbow, from the special health care level to the primary care level. Our multidisciplinary team of experts includes internationally recognized medical specialists, biomedical engineers, software engineers and business professionals. We have a subsidiary, Mediracer UK Ltd in UK and a representative office in Japan. Mediracer Ltd is a part of Head Invest Group (http://www.headinvest.fi).

our solution

Our aim is to assist every patient having hand problems to get proper medical treatment as fast as possible. Mediracer® NCS is the most user-friendly, affordable and reliable device and solution for primary clinics to conduct nerve conduction study to their valuable patients.

Mediracer solution is consisted of clinical assessment, device for nerve conduction studies, cloud software for interpretation service and reporting service by clinical neurophysiologists.

1) Protocol for clinical assessment: Identify Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from clinical aspect.

2) Nerve conduction study: Confirm nerve lesions and its severity.

3) Cloud software for interpretation service: Specialists can access to the examination data at anytime. This allows specialists to provide the high quality reports while reducing their travelling time and expenses. It is useful tool to organize medical service in the commissioning areas.

4) Reporting service via cloud: Users can obtain interpretation reports from specialists wherever the patients are located.

The test device is small, light and easy to use. With Mediracer NCS, only a short training for the operator is required to conduct nerve conduction study. 


Patients get access to the nerve conduction examinations at their nearest clinic. Test can be done within 10 minutes and patients get relevant treatments accordingly. Medical organizations can provide better service without heavy investments. Solution can be utilized at several departments;  occupational health, internal medicine, surgery, rehabilitation, orthopedics and gynecology within the same organization.

Clinical neurophysiologists provide their interpretation service over the cloud.

what we are looking for

We are looking for global/local business partners, distributors, dealers, opinion leaders and medical professionals.

team profiles

Yoko Keränen, CEO

Katja Findlay, Key Account Manager

Lassi Laitinen, R&D and Customer Support Specialist

Andrew Larwood, Product Specialist, UK

Kaz Kadooka, Product Specialist, Japan

Tuomas Sipola, R&D

Juho Sipola, R&D

Contact information

Yoko Keränen


+358 45 899 2626


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