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Who we are

Founded in 2009, MediSapiens is a professional Bio-IT company operating on global markets. Our headquarters is in Helsinki, Finland and we have a subsidiary in USA. We are specialized in implementing specialized IT solutions for storing, analyzing, visualizing and interpreting a wide variety of biomedical data. Over the years MediSapiens has developed a comprehensive toolbox of database, data processing and UI components to allow effective and economical solutions for the needs of biopharmaceutical industry, diagnostics industry, biobanks, CROs, clinics, and academic researchers.

Our solution

MediSapiens offers need-driven Bio-IT and bioinformatics solutions for life sciences and bio-business. We combine our strong scientific and technological expertise with our Explorer™ Technology Platform, full of industry-used Bio-IT components and modules, to deliver cutting-edge, truly need-driven solutions rapidly and cost-effectively. We help turn data into value and digitize bio-business.


1) "We're drowning in information but starved for knowledge". Efficient Bio-IT solutions are needed to turn investments in data into value. The amount of biomedical, clinical, and especially genomic data is increasing at a very rapid pace and can no longer be effectively managed, not to mention interpreted, by solutions that are not fit for the purpose. MediSapiens' genomic, biomedical and clinical platforms allow to curate, import, store, manage, analyze, interpret and visualize data so that the data can be turned into knowledge, insight and value.

2) Digitalization is driving value across different industries. Many life science companies, such as diagnostics companies or CROs, could benefit vastly from digitalizing their products, services and processes e.g. in data management and analysis and result delivery. Often these companies either do not have the necessary expertise to accomplish this, or otherwise wish to engage expert partners in supporting digitalization and growth. MediSapiens is an expert in digitalizing bio-related business, and can help customers gain additional value, competitive advantage, and increase customer satisfaction.

3) There is currently a problem of research throughput and gaining new insights to data. MediSapiens' bioinformatics experts can help drive research forward faster and with new insights.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners, investors & potential customers. Our customer segments are: pharmaceuticals & bioinformatics companies; clinical healthcare & personalized medicine; biobanks & CROs; diagnostics & academic research sectors.

Team profiles

Sami Kilpinen, CEO
Sami has been guiding and leading MediSapiens for 6 years in the world of commercial Bio-IT solutions. He completed his PhD at the University of Helsinki, and his thesis on applied bioinformatics in cancer research was used as a foundation in the forming of the company.

Kalle Ojala, COO
Kalle is a bioinformatician with a lot of experience in different fields, and is the invertor of four patent applications regarding the analysis of biological data. He has numerous publications, concentrating on big data analysis and algorithm development in the field of genomics.

Henrik Edgren, CSO
Henrik has a PhD in cancer bioinformatics and over a decade of experience in cancer research, and in different kinds of projects. He leads the data team of the company, and is responsible for the scientific aspects of all projects.

Marko Kuisma, Business Development Director
Marko has experience in the IVD and MDx markets, sales and marketing strategy and execution, business development and intellectual property rights. He has also worked in many collaborative projects, such as EU Framework Projects, spanning industry, academia and clinics.

Contact information

Marko Kuisma


+358 45 847 8878

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