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Who we are

Medixine provides the next wave of connected care by engaging patients in their own care. Medixine has 15 years of experience in e-health and e-care solutions with over 300,000 patients in Europe, Asia and USA and has 20 international patents and patent applications.

What we do

Medixine provides a multichannel communication solution that offers all the tools for digital health and care. Medixine Suite includes patient portals, telehealth monitoring, secure messaging, video calls, forms and questionnaires, remote education and coaching.

Medixine Suite is easily localizable and scalable, supports all terminals from mobile phones and tablets to automatic voice phone calls and SMS.

Our solution

Medixine Suite is a flexible, web-based communication solution specifically designed with the goal of keeping individuals engaged as an active player in their own health and care. It connects them into a secure environment with their entire care team, including their caregivers, coaches, and friends. Medixine Suite provides a rich set of functionalities such as secure messaging, video conferencing, remote monitoring, questionnaires and more. While it supports the use of mobile phones, tablets and PCs it also offers bi-directional text messages and interactive voice calls.

Medixine Suite helps the professional care team to develop and deliver coaching and care programs, monitor both individual and population level progress, and provide automated, personalized feedback to individuals receiving care and coaching remotely.

Contact information

Tapio Jokinen




Lars Sonckin kaari 10, 02600 Espoo Finland

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