who we are

Founded in 2008, we are the leading emergency medical equipment supplier in Finland. Our medical equipment and supplies expertise is based on co-founder MD Tuukka Toivio's extensive practical experience from hands-on field service in international emergency situations. MedKit Finland serves healthcare and safety professionals globally with a constantly growing selection of over 5.000 products.

our solution

MedKit's one stop webshop serves big and small clients including clinics, hospital and ambulances. We are dedicated to continuous innovation with a “Healthcare Supplies As a Service” model. Our brand new “Mobile Clinic & Hospital” is developed in co-operation with Conlog Group.


Our clients can take advantage of our superior service to meet all their healthcare equipment and supplies needs and save a significant amount of working hours and money in the process. MedKit's one stop webshop is open 24/7.

Contact information

Minna Åman-Toivio



+358 10 311 3080


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