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Mega Electronics Ltd is a Finnish medical technology company specialized in biosignal monitoring for cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine since 1983. Mega Electronics Ltd has developed cutting-edge technology for cardiac applications such as holtering, cardiac telemetry and cardiac rehabilitation, as well as a high-end EEG solution for TMS-EEG and fMRI-EEG applications. Our core team consists of highly educated people from the area of medical technology, biosignal analysis and electronics. Products are proudly made in Finland, most with medical CE Class IIa certification and FDA clearance.

Sales, marketing and customer service has been organized through the worldwide distributor network in over 30 countries. One of the key success factors in developing forerunner technologies is our intensive international co-operation together with several universities, top level hospitals and research laboratories; our clients include Kuopio University Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, University of Washington, University Clinic of Tübingen, Helsinki University Hospital, Finnish Occupational Health Institute.

Our solution

The innovative 3-in-1 technology, eMotion Faros, opens the doors to multiple cardiology applications such as Holtering, Cardiac Event Monitoring, Mobile Cardiac Telemetry, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Occupational Health and Research.

Stroke prevention, early detection of cardiac abnormalities and superior Atrial Fibrillation monitoring is made possible with high quality signal and clear P-wave detection. The ultra-small and lightweight design of the device makes it comfortable to wear for several days. For Cardiac Rehabilitation better safety is offered for patients with the modern solution for cardiac rehab enabling real time monitoring of ECG, Heart Rate and ST-segment changes from 1-16 patients.

The new type of disposable EEG electrode set is a solution to the diagnostics problems in the field use and emergency room applications. The EEG electrode set is disposable and, unlike traditional headbands, it is placed on the hairless areas of the patient’s head, which makes proper placement easier and faster.

We've delivered Faros ECG devices to all continents and the feedback from our customers has been excellent. Faros users have praised the light-weight and compact design, ease of use, and accuracy of the technical solution. Our NeurOne system has received first-rate feedback, especially from top level German university clinics in TMS related stroke patient rehabilitation and research applications.


  • Earlier detection of cardiac and neurological abnormalities = Preventive treatment
  • Faster patient discharge = Less hospital days
  • Earlier treatment path selection = Faster road to rehabilitation
  • Crystal-clear signals = Less time spent on diagnosis

Contact information

Mega Electronics Ltd


+358 17 581 7700


Pioneerinkatu 6, 70800 Kuopio, FINLAND

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