Who we are

mfore provides healthcare solutions based on mobile technology’s advantages to drive communication from connecting people to engaging people. We cover the whole spectrum of healthcare, from prevention and treatment to care, all in one convenient service based on mobile messaging.

Our solution

Patient engagement is key to improving health. Our solution allows health providers to keep patients engaged outside of visits. We provide a continuous connection to prescribed care and make it easy for patients to manage their treatment plans.

mfore has a wide range of engagement services for all types of healthcare. These services are customizable to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our services link to existing healthcare records, allowing for automated individualized patient communications.

As soon as leaving a visit, patients are engaged with communications relevant and timely to their specific care plans. Real time patient interaction provides doctors the information and data needed for easy population management and care improvement.


Benefits of mfore's patient engagement solution are focused on patients. By improving the ability of patients to easily follow their treatment plans and giving a sense of connection with their healthcare provider, the benefits extend to the care providers as well. We help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care for providers and improve health outcomes of patients.

What we are looking for

Contact us if you are interested in improving health outcomes through better patient engagement.

Team Profiles

mfore is made up of a global team of experienced professionals with extensive background in healthcare, telecom and IT sectors.

Contact information

Rajive Acharya

Managing Director


mfore.fi/ mfore.fi/mhealth/

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