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Eating right is Science, Miils makes it Easy

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Who we are

Miils gives a unique way to combine personalized meal planning, healthy eating habits and online food ordering & delivery option.

Our solution

Miils science-based meal suggestion engine and personalized nutrition solution help people make the right food choices. Miils understands people as individuals and helps us to make healthier meal choices, based on lifestyle, allergies and other personal preferences. Miils meal suggestion and ordering engines are based on deep learning.


Learn how personalized diet makes you feel more energetic and live healthier. Experience a seamless and effortless way of buying food for you or the whole family. Plan your meals in advance, order the items online, reduce food waste and extra money spending, and save time. Miils partners with the best companies providing you the complete service and easiest choice when it comes to recipes, meal plans and food ordering & delivery.

What we are looking for

We are looking for contacts, partners and investors.

Team profiles

Our core team is based in Helsinki and we have operations also in Berlin and San Francisco.

Contact information

Katja Ratamäki

Founder / CEO


+358 50 4867778


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