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Who we are

Montisera is a Finnish, privately owned development company focused on discovering, developing and commercializing bioactive compounds from its development platform to be used in novel products in pharmaceutical and food industries.

What we do

Montisera has currently three bioactive compounds in its development platform in different stages of the development. Montisera’s focus in the development is in the early stage development of the compounds, where the development cycle in the different phases is rather short (1-3 years).

Our solution

Montisera’s focus is on the management of its global partner network of universities, science companies, laboratories, contract research organisations (CRO) etc.

What we are looking for

Montisera works thoroughly in a virtual manner, we rely on the best partners and experts. Do not hesitate to become one and send your ideas for fruitful cooperation.

Team profiles

Montisera management is empowered by our world class Scientific Advisory Board and Senior Advisors. Together these bring vital knowledge from science and business to our activities enabling us to be the best in our class.

Mira Povelainen

Heikki Vuorikoski
Business Development Director
+358 40 756 2427



Contact information

Mira Povelainen



+358 40 578 9692

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