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The Moodmetric ring and the app are the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery. Moodmetric services are aimed at high performing individuals who want to learn to balance stress effectively.

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Moodmetric provides unique technology for real-time stress and recovery management.

Stress is difficult to recognize and admit to self. Very often harmful stress won’t be admitted until it is too late. Prolonged stress can lead to severe health problems, such as high blood pressure and heart diseases, deterioration of the immune system and mental health issues. The Moodmetric ring and app have been developed to help individuals and organizations to manage stress better.

The ring measures activation of the sympathetic nervous system – e.g. the fight-or-flight reaction. This can be detected through the measurement of electrodermal activity (EDA). The ring form is chosen, because the palmar skin or fingers provide the best place to obtain accurate data. EDA is a sensitive marker of emotional and cognitive states, which makes it a perfect stress indicator for e.g. knowledge workers.

The novelty in the Moodmetric technology is calculating a single number, an index, which indicates the stress level of the user. It is comparable among different users and different skin dryness levels of one user. It is robust and resistant to movement. The Moodmetric ring is comfortable to wear in continuous and long-term use.


The Moodmetric ring helps the wearer to manage stress. The app shows the triggers of stress and the sources of recovery with a very simple clock face view (see the picture below).

Positive and negative stress equally wear out, when going on for a long time. People that are devoted to their work are at high risk to develop chronic stress, even when they are excited and enthusiastic. Negative stress with time pressure, feeling of not being in control over the work, and unsupporting environment can cause health risks even sooner.

The Moodmetric ring is designed for individuals who want to understand and manage their stress load better. Chronic stress develops over months and years. To control and manage it better, a continuous and long term follow-up give the best results. The Moodmetric measurement is motivating with it´s instant feedback to find the best individual ways to tackle cognitive load. It is thus well suited for active measurement and analysis for any length of time.

The Moodmetric ring is available for purchase at
The Moodmetric app is free for download at AppStore and Google play, and the cloud service is accessible upon request.

Moodmetric makes stress data part of  the IoT environment - use it with health, sports or organizational development context, and combine to any other information.


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