who we are

Movendos develops technology and services for promoting individual health and well-being. The services and technologies developed by Movendos are based on behavioral and health sciences and on cooperation with healthcare experts. The most important customers are occupational healthcare providers, companies, rehabilitation institutions and associations.

Our solution

Technology: Movendos creates digital solutions for cost efficient and secured healthcare services and a good customer experience with an individual aspect. The company offers technology for time reservation based on needs and symptoms, health and wellness surveys and screenings, remote appointments, remote coaching and individual service paths. We both create tailored digital solutions and license individual technologies. All our technologies support individual and holistic aspect of well-being and health.

Movendos Wellness Coaching and the model for individual support: For employers Movendos has developed a model for instant individual support, where the employee gets individual, holistic and right timed support when ever the need appears.The coaching is based on value and solution based coaching method and the coaching is always conducted from the aspect of individual's own life situation. The coaching consists of individual meetings and remote support between, which are enabled by our own technology related to video meetings and remote support. The efficacy of coaching is always proven. The model of instant individual support is easy to integrate in any existing internal processes or together with the occupational healthcare provider.


Our technology helps to recognize individual needs, health status and health risks at the right time. With our remote solutions the healthcare professionals can offer their services independent of customer's location, enabling both secured video calls and in case needed, deeper tailored professional remote coaching support between the meetings. This gives individual customers a good customer experience and helps to increase health, better life management and healthier habits.

Our individual coaching services have proven effects. Movendos coaching helps to reach sustained life change with an individual aspect, in a trusted way. We offer reports of the efficacy for the employer, as the coaching itself happens between an experienced coach and the employee. 

what we are looking for

Technology: We are looking for healthcare service providers  who want to utilize evidence based tools for personalized healthcare  from health and wellness surveys to remote appointments and remote coaching. We are also looking for research and local sales partners.

Movendos Wellness Coaching and the model for individual support: We are looking for private and public employers who want to support their employees right timed and with proven effects with a low threshold and easy logistics. 

team profile

The Movendos team has an extensive background in health technology, personal health research, corporate wellness, individual coaching and software development.

Contact information

Arto Leppisaari



+358 50 511 7305

www.movendos.com/en/ www.movendos.com/en/blog/

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