Who we are

Mubik is a company with an innovative music game for special groups. Mubik engages persons' cognitive functions while discovering music in a new way. Mubik portfolio of applications is suitable for dementia patients and patients recovering from e.g. stoke.

Our solution

Mubik solution is a tablet (or smartphone) based app where you slide you finger over tiles following a colourful path of musical notes. Once you recognise the melody, you press the button in a middle. The app gives four options to choose from. After the right answer the game involves the player to view the video, read background info on the song - and finally, play it again with accuracy. The better you play, the higher rank you will reach.


With its memorizing features it will also activate memory functions to start remembering old times & events.

Mubik has patents pending on its innovation in US and European level.

What we are looking for

We're looking for a buyer of our technology & assets, IPRs and games. Also we're interested to meet an investor who could take us to a new level with its marketing leverage.

Team profiles

Ilkka Räsänen, CEO - marketing & content creation

Juha Ranta, CTO - management of R&D and version releases,

Jyrki Kontio (PhD.), Senior VP of strategy - scientific co-operation & content creation

Contact information

Ilkka Räsänen



+358 50 5968201


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