who we are

Myontec is a Finnish developer of intelligent clothing. Myontec has developed the world’s first muscle-sensing smart shorts, the Mbody system. Using conductive textile sensors embedded in the shorts to collect biosignals from the skin above the muscles, our Mbody system measures activity in the leg muscles. Mbody is the first product to use cable-free electromyography (EMG), enabling real-time muscle performance analysis regardless of the environment or the type of activity.  Our technology has been validated at the scientific level and tested, proven and used by universities, high-level training centers and top-level sports organizations around the world.

what we do

Myontec offers its customers a new dimension in understanding their muscle behavior.  We have created a broad and open user-based platform which enables the user to collect biosignal data and combine it with other relevant information and data.  

We offer tools that helps our customers achieve their personal goals. We see our role as helping people to become healthier and happier by offering them new insights. Our aim is not to replace any traditional methods, but to bring a new perspective in monitoring and analyzing performance by also measuring the muscular system.  Our slogan, “Know Your Muscles”, defines all that we are aiming for.

what we are looking for

We offer a unique opportunity for a strategic investor to participate and invest in the future growth of the company. A strong partner will enable us to explore and exploit our opportunities to their full potential. Myontec holds seven different patents in our field of smart clothing.  The full potential of these patents will be realized when they are applied to a wide range of market segments, including rehabilitation, wellbeing, mHealth, ergonomics, infotainment, military and veterinary – each with multiple possibilities.

Contact information

Janne Pylväs



+358 40 5073979

www.myontec.com/en www.slideshare.net/Myontec

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