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who we are

We focus 100% on medical automation solutions and on improving medical services together with our customers: pharmacies, hospitals and homecare. We have gained a strong position in the Finnish market compared to our global competitors, becoming the market leader in pharmacy automation in Finland. Now we are expanding to international markets, where our high quality technology and innovative solutions are appreciated.

NewIcon in numbers:

  • 1. Market leader in pharmacy automation in Finland
  • 2 subsidiaries, one in UK and another in Denmark
  • 7 foreign countries with our distributors
  • 55 employees working for NewIcon
  • 100+ customer projects
  • 2007 is the foundation year of NewIcon. Company’s headquarters is located in Kuopio, Finland.

Press releases:

EIB supports NewIcon’s Development of Innovative Healthcare Automation Solutions


Our solution

We are aiming at Total Pharmacy Automation (TPA) for our clients. That consists of:
-    Medicine Storage Robots (Fixu)
-    Smart Medicine Cabinets (eMED Icon)
-    Intravenous Compounding Robots (IV ICON Twins)
-    Multidose Dispensing
-    Smart Medicine Cup Holders
-    Integration and Localization
-    Lifetime Care Services and Licensing


With our solutions pharmacies and hospitals can enhance their human resources by reducing their manual labor. Storage automation solutions take care of handling, shelving and retrieving of incoming goods. Employees can work closer to their customer while improving occupational safety and ergonomics. Automation reduces picking errors which improves medication safety and enables real time monitoring of inventory value and expiration dates.

Contact information

Ossi Parviainen



+358 50 549 7656

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