Who we are

Next Wave Ltd develops, produces and markets the patented Next Wave® Physioacoustic (PA) Medical Devices for healthcare and well-being purposes. The PA devices have been sold globally including the United States and Canada. The PA chair received regulatory clearance by the FDA in 1991 and the PA mattress in 1994.  The PA devices are classified as a Class II 510(k) medical device with three claims: relaxing muscles, reducing stress and pain where applied, increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. The PA chair is approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) in 2015. The PA electronic device is tested by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in the UK.

Our solution

What makes Next Wave® different from other devices for therapeutic vibration is that it is completely non-mechanical. In fact, the FDA 510(k) cleared and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved device provides 100% acoustical stimulation. The Physioacoustic device is tested and certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI) in the UK. No motors, rollers, mallets, or robotic manipulation assail the patient’s body. Instead, gentle, but highly efficient, Physioacoustic sound energy coaxes the mind and body into a state of restful relaxation similar to meditation.


Next Wave's Physioacoustic treatment is suitable for patients who prefer non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatments for pain relief, tension and circulation problems as seniors, handi-capped and disabled, athletes, drug and alcohol addicts.

Patients feel the sound as sympathetic resonance within muscles and other tissues. It is believed that by vibrating the cerebral spinal fluid, fresh fluid is introduced into the brain through the limbic region, encouraging the limbic brain to cease releasing stress-producing hormones. This process perhaps regenerates or even repairs white matter so that chronic conditions experienced in the body are reversed.

What we are looking for

Next Wave Ltd is looking for investors, partners and distributors for expanding it's international business activities.

Team Profiles

  • Mr. Ilkka R. Turunen, CEO
  • Mrs. Titi Brotherus-Turunen, Domestic and International Sales Promotion
  • Mr. Tim Binnendijk, International marketing and training
  • Mrs. Michelle Binnendijk-Hemmes, International marketing
  • Mr. Joji Mitsui, Marketing in Japan
  • Mr. Antero Mäkinen, Marketing in Asian region
  • Mrs Ruth Baxter, Marketing in Australia
  • Mr. Marcus De Guingand, Marketing in the UK

Contact information

Mr. Ilkka R. Turunen



+358 400 405 445


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