Next Wave Ltd has signed a medical cooperation agreement

Next Wave Ltd has signed a medical cooperation agreement


Next Wave Ltd was involved in a tractor driver's seat testing here in Finland led by LUKE-Natural resources Institute Finland and VTT-Technical Research Centre Of Finland. In the test was used Next Wave's FDA listed Physioacoustic low frequency sound wave system installed in to the driver's seat. The test period was 1,5 hours on the test track which was extremely hard and which caused high muscle strains in drivers.


The senior scientist at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health who did the measurements mentions as follows:


"I have ever seen before such a huge reduction in muscle strains in my 30 year career which I was witnessing in this testing. My previous record was 30% and now the Physioacoutic treatment reduced the muscle strains by 55% (average).


The best results were reached in lower and upper back area but also the shoulder and neck area muscle strain reduced significantly."


Regarding these excellent results with drivers Next Wave has contacted some vehicle seat and office chair manufacturers as the OEM partnership purposes.


There should be made a Physioacoustic joined studies in which test subjects' muscles strain and brains alertness and activation should be measured while driving a car and another test while working at office.


Next Wave is also looking for some funding and therefore we need some partners/investors.

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