Who we are

Nextfour provides hi-tech product development services for medical, industrial and safety segments with complex and regulated environments. Services cover software and electronics design, RF design, UI and usability design, testing, pre-studies and other research as well as prototyping. Development at Nextfour is driven by an ISO 9001 certified and ISO 13485 compatible management system. Our professionals utilize the latest software and electronics development technologies to your advantage and a comprehensive partner network completes the service making Nextfour a one stop shop for any development project.

Our solution

Nextfour offers a complete set of services required to create a product based on your innovation. Services cover each phase of a product’s life cycle, extending from research and development to manufacturing, deployment and maintenance. Our operation methods guarantee that we can provide each client with an individually tailored solution. Nextfour emphasizes agility and transparency on every level of operation. At the start of each project you as our client will get access to a project management tool that allows you to see all documentation and time-tracking related to your project.


Founded in 2007, Nextfour has successfully developed dozens of products that are currently in production. As one of our clients put it: “In my experience Nextfour’s personnel consists of experienced and open minded developers. The company invests actively in its own research, giving it the current understanding and readiness to be involved in the development of the future solutions.”

Contact information

Niklas Öhman



+358 50 37 28287


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