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who we are

Nightingale Health is a biomedical company bringing extensive biological data to routine healthcare. With its blood analysis technology, the company’s aim is to replace reactive healthcare and enable preventive medicine in chronic diseases.

our solution

Nightingale Health's blood analysis service analyses more than 220 biomarkers from a single blood sample. 50x more biomarkers are provided with 20x more affordable price compared to methods available in clinics today.


The biomarkers have strong biological relevance to chronic diseases such as CVD and diabetes, enabling predicting and understanding disease events before their occurrence.

what we are looking for

Nightingale Health is looking to collaborate in the following fields:

-    Molecular diagnostics
-    Metabolomics
-    Blood sample analysis
-    Metabolic profiling
-    Drug development
-    Academic research in chronic diseases
-    Healthcare diagnostics
-    Biobank sample analysis
-    Bioinformatics

We are currently entering the clinical market to apply our technology in healthcare. We are looking for sample analysis projects, clinical trials and investors with expertise in diagnostics.

team profiles

Management team

Teemu Suna, CEO

Satu Saksman, COO

Contact information

Satu Saksman



+358 40 5265 786

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