who we are

Ninchat is a growth company from Finland, offering leading, digitally native, white label communication service (chat, files, video integrated to customer journey) for eHealth & mHealth service providers.

our solution

Product:  In customer brand, look & feel

Secure communication service (embeds into web+native mobile apps, intranet), integrates with customer platform, authentication, CRM and SSO systems. Supports strong encryption for customer data. Includes text, files and video (webrtc), triggers, questionnaires, scheduling, notes, internal team communication, external 1-1 communication, external group communication and many other features. Compatible with Bots & AI-platforms. Data in Germany. EU/GDPR OK. Keywords: Telemedicine / Digital Transformation / Mobile / SaaS / HIPAA compatible / Chatbot / Artificial Intelligence / CRM / Customer Journey / Patient Journey / Open API.

Use areas:

Patient consultations: Doctor/Patient, Nurse/Patient, Other health professionals

Customer appointments: Insurance & Banking services via chat

Customer journey: Sales and Customer service (also for authenticated customers)

Internal communications:  Internal support processes help,  Internal team communication, Long lasting chats: eg. surgery recovery chat with professionals, themed group coaching sessions  


Cost savings 30%-50%.

Perform digital transformation more rapidly and cost-efficiently, improve sales conversion, customer satisfaction and organization reaction speed.

Find new digital business areas.

what we are looking for

We are looking for new customers and business partners.

team profiles

Ninchat team is highly experienced with members having in average 15 years of experience in building scalable online services.

Contact information

Ville Mujunen



+358 405216333


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