who we are

Noona Healthcare is a Finnish medical software company dedicated to bringing cancer care to patients via their mobile devices. Our goal is to improve the quality of cancer care while saving clinical resources. Our vision is to have over 1 million users of our service, Noona, by 2020, giving us the world´s largest prospective real-time database of cancer patients at various stages of disease. Noona´s unique data set on patient outcomes, genomics, wellness and lifestyle is used by 70% of cancer researchers worldwide to discover new ways to treat and overcome cancer.

what we do

We offer a mobile service that provides cancer centers with a holistic, real-time view of their patients’ wellbeing. Noona’s unique operating principle is based on smart algorithms and automation. With Noona, patients report their condition via their mobile device allowing the medical team to identify those patients with acute symptoms and prioritize treatment. When less severe symptoms are reported, Noona automatically gives patients instructions for self-care and monitoring. Based on the symptoms submitted, Noona also has the ability to request additional details from a patient.

what we are looking for

A young and innovative company, Noona Healthcare is looking for partners and investors to further our global expansion and expand the application of Noona to additional forms of cancer.

team profiles

Jani Ahonala, Chairman of the board
During the past 15 years Jani has worked as a healthcare management consultant, researcher and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Kaufmann, the leading healthcare design agency in Northern Europe.

Pasi Heiskanen, Managing Director
Pasi has worked with software development and large scale IT project management for over 10 years in both the private and public sectors.

Tom Wiklund, Medical Director
Tom has been employed as Chief Clinical Director, Head Physician and Medical Director (two positions) at Docrates Cancer Center, the Helsinki University Hospital as well as Pfizer and Roche, respectively.

Juha Salonen, Head of Design
With a background in both engineering and the arts, Juha has worked with software design in leading positions for the past ten years, while founding several companies of his own.

Tommi Laukkanen, CTO
Tommi has an impressive track record in leading software engineering teams in different industries. In his previous position he was responsible for the development, operations and data security of electronic payment solutions.

Contact information

Jani Ahonala

Chairman of the board


+358 40 583 7377


Tehtaankatu 27-29 A, 00150 Helsinki, FINLAND

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