Who we are

ContrAl Clinics provides a unique treatment method for excessive drinking and alcoholism. The ContrAl Method is a structured combination of targeted nalmefene medication and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Total abstinence is not required. 78% of our clients succeed in their goals in reducing their drinking. The method is scalable and suits well on telemed platforms.

We have treated thousands with excellent results, and we are the first in the world to introduce an evidence-based, outpatient treatment program based on the Sinclair Method. The ContrAl Method is already licensed nationwide in USA and Canada.

Our solution

We provide a proven treatment method and business concept, comprehensive training and support for healthcare professionals to start treating their patients’ alcohol addiction. There is an unmet need for an effective and affordable non-abstinence outpatient treatment.


For healthcare professionals:

  • Evidence-based, proven treatment method, excellent results
  • No detox required
  • Efficient, structured program, eight visits
  • Ready to use treatment concept
  • Easy to adopt; comprehensive training and professional manuals
  • Support for doctors and therapists
  • Outpatient method: costs a fraction of other treatments
  • Most of the visits can be done over Telemedicine
  • Licensed nationwide in USA and Canada

For patients:

  • Outpatient treatment makes it affordable for everyone
  • Individual care, privacy is guaranteed
  • Program does not require total abstinence, easy to start the program
  • Patients set the goals themselves, high motivation
  • Extensive self-study materials and tests help the patients reach their goals
  • 78% of patients succeed in reducing their drinking to a safe level

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What we are looking for

We are looking for partners in finding ways of collaboration in expanding the supply of the ContrAl Method in various countries.

Team profiles

Our team has more than 30 years of expertise in treating addictions.

  • Dr Hannu Alho, professor of addiction medicine, past president of the international society of addiction medicine
  • Sari Castrén, PhD, Psychologist
  • Jukka Keski-Pukkila, CEO

Contact information

Jukka Keski-Pukkila



+358 50 516 4001


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