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who we are

Ocuspecto Ltd. is a Finnish medical device company developing and marketing novel solutions for the examination of the neuro-visual system. Based in Turku, Ocuspecto was founded in 2012.

Our solution

Ocusweep® is a system to measure people’s functional vision. Ocusweep® system assesses the functioning of the whole visual system – from the eye to the visual processing in the brain – including the efficacy of the eye movements. Ocusweep® combines the functionality of several separate vision measurement devices into one compact instrument that is patient-friendly and easy to use, requiring no special skills from the test operator. The test sequences are automated in order to avoid potential errors in testing and to enable test repeatability. The device is light, easy to move and can be used under normal office lighting conditions.


We enable a new era of the vision health. We enable eye care professionals to see how their patients really see. We enable people to understand how they see.

what we are looking for

We are looking for distributors who already are operating in ophthalmic devices and/or general medical devices business.

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