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Who we are

Optinova (incl. ScanTube since 2015 is a Finnish company group with manufacturing bases on the Åland Islands in Finland, Minnesota in the USA, and close to Bangkok in Thailand. The Optinova network is global and we engourage you to get in contact when you are looking for an experienced extrusion partner for advanced tubing solutions.

Optinova Group's MEDICAL extrusion solutions are designed into thousands of medical devices globally, mainly in the Cardiovascular, delivery device and infusion therapy fields.

The INDUSTRIAL extrusion branch of the Optinova Group, formerly Scantube, is a renowned solutions provider in a range of areas, such as in the chemical-, food & pharmaceuticals-, electrical & electronics industry segments.

Knowledge in extrusion and related secondary operations is the core of our business. Decades of experience allows Optinova to offer custom extrusion services according to precise customer requirements. In-line measurements and controlled automated processes, provide a robust foundation for achieving the highest quality and adding value throughout the design, production and delivery phases in tight collaboration with our customers.

Our solution

Optinova Group´s offerings include extrusion in:

* PTFE paste
* Thermoplastic fluoropolymer extrusion
* Thermoplastic polymer

MEDICAL Capabilities & Solutions

* IV catheter tubing
* Catheters haft tubing
* Braided shafts
* Catheter processing tools and components
* Heat Shrink tubing
* PTFE Liners
* Beadings and monofilaments
* Balloon and stent-protectors
* CRM tubing
* ePTFE tubing and profiles

INDUSTRIAL Capabilities & Solutions

* Anti-static (PTFE & PFA)
* Striped PTFE
* Printed PTFE
* Fabricated tubing
* Co-extrusion
* Heat Shrink
* NSF approved tubing
* UL Certified Tubing

Secondary Operations make Products a Solution
* Braiding
* Etching
* Assembly
* Bonding
* Welding
* Cutting
* Flaring
* Tip forming
* Grinding
* Hole making
* Printing
* Pressure testing
* Straightening


Our products lead the way for new possibilities to treat patients all over the world, from huge volume IC catheters to more specialized cardio vascular treatments with life time implant time also including products in IVF and other fields.

What we are looking for

We are constantly open for partnerships, research co-operation and efficiency synergies.

Team profiles

Our team consists of the whole range from relationship sales to polymer knowledge to process development to automation to business and analytics.

Contact information

Andreas Perjus



+358 18 32 900


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