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Who we are

Optomed Oy is an innovative Finnish medical technology company that specializes in retinal imaging devices and solutions.

our solution

Optomed’s mission is to make eye disease screenings available for everyone, wherever needed. We develop, commercialize and manufacture modern, mobile and easy-to-use retinal imaging devices that are suitable for any clinic for the screening of various eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD. 

Optomed’s hand-held fundus cameras fulfill international ISO 10940 fundus camera standard requirements and are being used by private clinics, public hospitals, non-government organizations and charities around the world.

Optomed’s products are registered and marketed in all major markets: Europe, USA, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India and Brazil.


Optomed's hand-held and easy-to-use fundus cameras can be used in any setting, from hospital operating room to rural screening camps.

End users of our products are e.g. ophthalmologists, pediatricians, neurologists, diabetologists, primary care professionals, opticians and optometrists.

Contact information

Optomed Oy


+358 20 741 3380

Hallituskatu 13 – 17 D, 90100 Oulu, Finland

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