Who we are

Oscare Medical’s compact, handheld device for osteoporosis screening promotes early detection of osteoporosis, leading to better bone health and better life. Revenio Group Corporation, listed in the Helsinki stock exchange, owns the majority of Vantaa based Oscare Medical’s shares.

Our solution

Based on over ten years of research, the OsCare Sono® measures bone strength conveniently from the forearm radius bone using low frequency ultrasound. The measurement result provides an indication of the risk for osteoporosis. Individuals with increased risk based on the OsCare Sono® measurement result and other risk factors can be directed for further examinations. The OsCare Sono® measurement can be easily performed in clinics and low-threshold locations, such as pharmacies.


Osteoporosis is a widespread and silent disease, typically discovered only after one or several osteoporotic fractures. One in three women and one in five men 50 years old will suffer from osteoporotic fractures in their remaining lifetime. Early detection of reduced bone strength can help prevent osteoporosis and future fractures.

What we are looking for

Oscare Medical has distributors in several European countries and continues to broaden its distribution network. We are looking for distribution partners and research co-operators and welcome clinics, doctors and pharmacies to evaluate Oscare Medical's novel solution for finding individuals at increased risk for osteoporosis.

Contact information

Oscare Medical


+358 50 462 2344


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