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A unique test and development environment

OuluHealth Labs – a unique test and development environment

OuluHealth Labs provides your product a unique, integrated health test and development environment – including professionals’ feedback – for every phase of your R&D process. OuluHealth Lab services are provided by regions top organizations: City of Oulu’s Social and Health Care Services.

OYS TestLab

A brand new test environment for specialized health care products and services in the heart of its provider, Oulu University Hospital. All you need, starting from a fully functional operation room.

OYS TestLab is a development and test environment for companies to test and develop their products and ideas in an authentic hospital environment and with genuine users. Oulu University Hospital uses the laboratory to develop their processes and to model and simulate building projects for the Future Hospital programme.

In OYS TestLab, we offer companies a digital integration platform for modeling future health solutions. It is built based on open, modular architecture approach . For example, a successful integration between three EHR’s provided by different vendors has already been done: http://ouluhealth.fi/tested-in-finland-information-will-flow-between-future-clinical-information-systems/

Oamk SimLab

Test and get specific feedback of your product or idea from professional health care teachers and students. Or train your staff in our simulated test lab. Provided by Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences has a versatile simulation and studio environment ecosystem – Oamk SimLab, which can be used as a testing and development environment in the product development of health technology and welfare services.

Oulu CityLab

Test environment where the end-users are – at customers’ and patients’ homes and in all social and health care services within in the City of Oulu. You will get direct professional and customer feedback on your product in a real, everyday social and health care environment

Read more: http://ouluhealth.fi/labs/


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