Nightingale’s biomarker analysis technology to be installed at the University of Oxford

Nightingale’s biomarker analysis technology to be installed at the University of Oxford


The aim of NDPH is to generate and disseminate reliable evidence from observational epidemiology and from randomized trials that leads to practicable methods of avoiding premature death and disability.

Nightingale’s biomarker platform provides an unprecedented opportunity for comprehensive metabolic profiling of large population studies. The scalable NMR metabolomics platform simultaneously captures over 220 metabolic biomarkers from a single blood sample, transforming the possibility to understand molecular mechanisms and treatment effects of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases.

In comparison to many other metabolomics technologies, Nightingale’s platform is fully automated and measures the biomarkers in absolute concentration directly applicable in various applications of medicine.

The NDPH Wolfson Laboratories Scientific Director, Michael Hill, said,

"This is an excellent opportunity for us to use Nightingale’s bioanalysis platform, which can provide much more data for a relatively small amount of sample than current methods. Ultimately this data will allow us to better understand and treat chronic conditions."

At NDPH, Nightingale’s platform will be employed for biomarker profiling of various large epidemiological studies and clinical trials such as the China Kadoorie Biobank. The goal is to analyse hundreds of thousands of samples in only a couple of years. As the platform becomes established, it may be utilised to replace many current clinical chemistry assays, such as the routine cholesterol panel, providing cost-saving opportunities in research.

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