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Who we are

One simple solution that supports all wayfinding needs. Its easy to add part of existing or future services like self-service kiosks, part of website, personal invitation sms / email or part of any third party app, not forgetting info touchscreens in lobbies.

Our solution

MOI is an interactive wayfinding -solution for a complex buildings and areas. The solution consist of a cloud based management interface for big touchscreens and/or HTML5/mobile. The aim of MOI is to increase end-users self-service level and service quality.

MOI navigation improves customer self-service level in hospitals & health care centers.

Provide simple wayfinding to your visitors & customers, that they can find services and destinations from your building or campus. You can add higher value to self-service kiosk´s adding intelligent and fully dynamic wayfinding to guide customers automatically to their appointments with doctor, nurse or laboratory.

Service can be provided with local touchscreens or added service in self-service kiosks and via mobile & desktop devices.

What we are looking for

We are looking for strategic partners, representatives & resellers for MOI. -navi product to UK market, specially companies with synergy to our MOI -navi product, or potential delivery & sales channel to UK healthcare business. Company is open minded for investments too.

Contact information

Mathias Eriksson


+358 44 725 725 0

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