Who we are

Pedihealth was founded in 1986 by a pediatrician Seppo Simila who experienced the need of adequate equipment in his work.  He decided to act upon that and opened up his business. Its main purpose was to develop products which had a clear demand at child health care.

In addition to the development of own products, Pedihealth started to import several high-demand health care products. The company also has supplied items to the world known Finnish maternal package. The extended product range includes nowadays nearly 2 000 items.

Pedihealth’s inclusive and up-to-date product range is ensured by the co-operation with the national and international partners.

Pedihealth invests to high quality products and always finds the best solutions and products to meet the client’s needs for the most competitive prices.

Our solution

Tamla Splints have been born in northern Finland based on everyday practise and experience. The Tamla-products portfolio includes Wrist splint, Boot splint and Knee splint. All products are easy to use, can be used in both limbs and can be cleaned and re-used.


Cost effective

Easy to use

Pre-formed, can be used on both limbs and can be reused

What we are looking for

We are looking for international partners.

Contact information

Mari Nousiainen



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