Who we are

Peili Vision was founded in December 2015 based on the idea of helping people in need with the latest technology. The team consists of six technology enthusiasts with long-standing passion in business, healthcare and gaming. Our mission is to create a solution that utilizes virtual reality by improving patient care directly by improving the rehabilitation of the patient, and by improving the whole rehabilitation process by processing the acquired data. The purpose of the solution as a whole is to act as a tool to support the therapy professionals in their work. The goal of Peili Vision is to become the leading virtual reality rehabilitation provider in the Nordics within three years.

Our solution

Our mission is to create a solution that utilizes VR engagingly, allowing the allocation of the speech-language pathologist’s resources for more important tasks. The solution acts as a tool to support the therapy professionals in their work. Gamification is used in the rehabilitation process to motivate the customer to practice, and in the big picture the solution enables rehabilitation that can be scaled to thousands and tens of thousands of patients.

Compared to current methods, our solution design gives clear feedback to the customers of their progress in the process, for both the users themselves and to the speech-language pathologists. The process environment is designed to motivate throughout the experience, and it is important to create an experience that the user wants to revisit, regardless of her or his skill level.

The purpose of the process is to specifically train the phonetic and pragmatic skills of the patients. With accurate data from the users, we can tackle many common challenges in rehabilitation, such as hidden symptoms of the illnesses, accurate monitoring of the rehabilitation and maintaining patient motivation. We call our solution VR-as-a-Service (VRaaS).


The benefits of our solution are various. The patient benefits from faster recovery and better understanding of his/her own illness. The speech-language pathologist benefits by better use of resources, leading to better time allocation and patient care. The rehabilitation process that requires co-operation between the speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and physiotherapist becomes easier due to the gathered data that can be easily interpreted and shared. The benefits to society are indirect, but in the next five years we are estimating numbers in the seven figures due to faster and less costly rehabilitation of tens of thousands of patients.

What we are looking for

Our aim is to find new partnerships and contacts that can create value to our development process and our customers.

Team profiles

Joonas Pöllä (BBA) is Chairman of the Board and CFO. Joonas has been working for four years at Alexandria Oy as an investment advisor and is acting as a CEO in an investment company.

Jussi Auvinen (MSc, IEM) is acting CEO of Peili Vision. Previous entrepreneurial experience from SME companies 3E Building Oy and X Heads Oy (co-founder and a member of the board for both companies).

Timo Nivala (BSc, IT) has comprehensive knowledge of designing VR architecture and implementing it in practice for five years. Timo is the co-founder of Lumivision Oy.

Hannu Kallio (BSc, IT) is Head of Graphic Design.

Mikko Kontio (MSc, IEM) is the Head of Export Sales.

Reijo Pöllä holds numerous board memberships in the technology industry and is acting as a senior advisor in financial affairs.

Contact information

Jussi Auvinen



+358 50 376 7150


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