Pharma Industry Finland - PIF

Pharma Industry Finland - PIF

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Who we are

Pharma Industry Finland is the organization bringing together innovation-driven companies based in life science research and development.

Pharma Industry Finland and its member companies have a clear distribution of work:
• The pharmaceutical companies concentrate in running their daily core business, including research, production and marketing.
• Pharma Industry Finland PIF promotes issues and project persistence, irrespective of quarterly or annual financial periods.


What we do

Pharma Industry Finland collects and shares knowledge, and offers information and a variety of networks. We participate in national policymaking and are an active member in European associations. Our member companies look to us for guidance in all regulatory issues on the national and pan-European levels.

We believe pharmaceutical innovations bring better health and well-being to people. That is why we work with our members to secure an innovation-driven environment.
We focus our efforts on:
• Lobbying – we work in direct interaction with the authorities and other key operators in the pharmaceutical branch.
• External communications and partnership building – we are active in the public arenas and co-operate with the external stakeholders.
• Internal PIF operations and related communications – the PIF offices are in charge of expert work, collaborating and interacting with the member companies. The work done by the PIF committees, workshops and networks provide us with invaluable support.

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