Who we are

We are a group of software developers, who master the use of motion control devices, like Microsoft Kinect, Intel RealSense and LeapMotion. We implement our expertise in many areas, such as physiotherapy, sports training and recreation.

What we do

We are constantly in contact with medical doctors and physiotherapists, sports doctors, sports professionals and entertainment specialists, exploring new possibilities in using contact-less motion control devices. We are a part of the international community of software developers, exploring ideas and opportunities new devices bring to the market and trying to monetize some of them as a new startups or partnerships.

Our solution

Our current products are Habilect – a rehabilitation solution for stroke patients, and Physilect – a solution for people with occupational health problems.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners in our key business areas: specialists in physiotherapy, sports medicine, sports trainers and entertainers.

Team profiles

Arcady Khotin

Founder and owner of the software company Arcadia since 1993. Now the company has over 400 software developers and customers around the world.

Anna Khotina

Co-founder of Arcadia. Has been a software developer, tester, and graphics designer in the past. Currently she is a  Master degree student (EIT Digital).

Arcady Khotin and Anna Khotina co-founded Globus Forwarding Oy in April 2016. The company, located in Helsinki, will handle all business of Habilect and Physilect.

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