Who we are

Since its establishment in 1987, PhysioTools has been at the forefront of developing electronic and mobile solutions for therapists and other professionals. With a current library of over 21,000 exercises and other clinical content, available in up to 28 languages, we are the world’s leading exercise software company. Our headquarters are located in Tampere, Finland, with offices in the United Kingdom, North America and Sweden.

Our solution

PhysioTools software makes creating personalised exercise programs for rehabilitation and fitness quick and easy. Users simply select the desired exercises from our comprehensive library, edit the instructional texts as required and send the personalised exercise prescription to the client using our mobile app, PT Momentum. Of course it is also possible to email or print the exercises as a handout.


  • Engage and motivate clients to exercise at home
  • Ensure exercises are performed correctly
  • Enhance your professional image and the client’s experience

What we are looking for

We are looking for interesting technology and authoring partnerships and are also open to reseller applications from around the world.

Contact information


+358 20 830 1303


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