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Who we are

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy was founded in 1981 as a designer and manufacturer of professional electronics. We have over 37 years’ experience in technology solutions.

Our first goal was to develop a system to improve electrical safety in operating rooms. We have been a pioneer in insulation monitoring; we developed our first-generation MEV-system already in 1981. Since that, we have been working with Finnish hospitals and electrical engineers.

Our solution

MEV Insulation Monitoring System

Our MEV-insulation monitoring system provides constant, safe, and secure monitoring of electrical systems in group G2 medical premises such as operating rooms.

The electrical safety must be fully assured in the operating room. Our MEV-system protects the patients and personnel from electric shocks. Electrical leakage currents occur in both old and new electrical devices due to malfunction, ageing and bad design.

MEV-type insulation monitoring system is required in all group G2 medical premises in the European Union due to EU regulation. The MEV-type system has been mandatory in all operating rooms in Finland since 1983.

Our market share in Finland is nearly 100%. It has been reached through long-term development, functional collaboration and trust. We are also a member of the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering. Our latest major project is the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki that was completed in autumn 2018.


MEV-system saves lives in operating rooms. Long before an electric fault occurs, MEV-system notifies the personnel to preventively correct possible future insulation faults.

Risk situations occur frequently in an operating room environment. When problems are detected at an early stage, hazardous situations during operations can be prevented. This ensures that the operating room and equipment are efficiently deployed all the time and unnecessary downtime can be avoided. The personnel work more productively and the service life of surgical equipment is extended. This creates major cost savings. 

Our MEV- insulation monitoring system is designed and manufactured in Finland.  All our equipment are of high quality, durable and developed based on sustainable development; they may be operable for as long as 30 years.

The MEV-system is about safety, efficiency and cost savings.

What we are looking for

We are looking for new partners and distributors all over the world ─ Please feel free to contact us. We´ll be happy to tell you more about our solutions.


OUR MEV-TEAM has long experience and wide expertise in electrical safety and technology solutions: 

Timo Ohtonen
Managing Director, owner and one of the founders of PPO-Elektroniikka

Petri Pelkonen
Development Manager

Kimmo Konttinen
Technical Manager

Contact information

Timo Ohtonen

General Manager


+358 400 420 393


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