Puro Design

Who we are

Finnish Puro Design was founded by clothing- and health care professionals. We design and produce bespoke, high quality work wear for health care industry. Our know-how is based on personal experience, the most recent studies and utilisation of the latest innovations. The materials used in our clothing are carefully tested and designed specially for work wear and industrial laundries. We use ecological fabrics and recycled fibres.

Our solution

Puro’s design philosophy utilises materials and shapes familiar to sports. Our work wear stretches, breathes and feels comfortable.

Puro Design products use so-called “clean materials” which are unattractive to microbes. Operating theatre clothing is also antistatic. The qualities in the fabrics are in-built, and last throughout the products lifespan. The selected materials minimise the amount of potentially skin irritating chemicals applied on the fabrics as an after treatment. Our customers can also choose recycled, organic cotton or other ecological options as a fabric choice. All of our materials have been tested in Finnish industrial laundries and have been Ökö-Tex certified.

Work wear is a highly visible part of your company’s image. It is a way of differentiating from other brands in the field, and also reinforcing team spirit. Puro Design’s expertise is in customising the collection as per clients’ wishes.

We are flexible with clients’ requests; because you don’t have to buy stock items, we can easily add or remove details, change colours or shapes, and we can produce clothing in smaller quantities if required.


Our aim is produce as environmentally friendly and sustainable products as we possibly can. All Puro Design clothes are made-to-order, which reduces rubbish and wastage, but also enables us to be more client-centered and make bespoke clothes. The production of clothing and fabrics is based in the EU, which makes it easy to monitor the ethicality, both from human and environmental point of view.

Properly functioning clothing is an essential part of a good work day. By investing in quality work wear, a strong brand can express its values of respecting its staff. At the core of our design process is a personal understanding of the demands of every day work in the health care industry, and also the desire to make clothes that make working better and easier. We see ourselves as a link in the chain providing best possible patient care.

Contact information

Matti Huhtinen


+358 400 458151


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