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Qentinel is a quality leadership and assurance company. We have re-defined quality as an ability to create value. Our customers are companies that want to maximize the value they get from their development investments.

Qentinel helps customers to focus the efforts on the essential, cut lead-times, improve productivity, and eliminate defects.

our solution

Qentinel services – focus on what matters.

Digitalization introduces new rules, and calls it for new modes of interpretation. Mobile access, agile development, e-shopping, social media, personal activity trackers and an omnipresent network are shaping our everyday lives and needs, both as businesses and customers.

Global competition in the digital world has made quality more important than ever. Consistent quality guarantees competitiveness, but this is only half of the story. We recognize winners by the quality that makes their products and services unique.

1. Focus on what is important for your business and make it measurable.

2. Make performances transparent. Then you will know when to act and what to do.

3. Ensure that things get done and lessons are learnt.


Quality is correct and effective decisions.

Qentinel is all about information. Everything we do for our clients seeks to ensure that they have access to accurate, timely, correctly interpreted and intelligibly presented information on quality. This information combines with Qentinel’s methods and the client’s business insight to create ideal conditions for effective decisions.

Those decisions guide business operations. When is the quality of a product good enough? Where should we be focusing our efforts right now? Do we need to increase resources or cut back on features? Which operating sectors can we improve to achieve greater productivity, speed or predictability?

Measuring, verifying and improving quality are all about:

1. understanding what is important,

2. investigating the state of important aspects.

3. deciding what must be done.

4. ensuring that it gets done, and

5. learning from what was done.

People who focus on the essentials and learn most quickly will generate the most value. Quality provides the edge for Qentinel clients.

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