who we are

Relaxbirth Ltd. is a medical technology company offering solutions designed to improve well-being during childbirth in hospitals and clinics. Comprising a unique, patented Birthing Support device and our Method, Relaxbirth is an innovative all-in-one solution for a smoother, safer and more flexible birthing experience for all the parties involved: the mother, the baby and the professionals. We believe Relaxbirth is a social innovation and our slogan Celebrate Life® neatly sums up our mission.

There is a global trend of mothers and professionals actively searching for better alternatives to current methods of childbirth. We are responding to this need by offering a solution that transforms the mother from being a passive and helpless patient into a confident and active participant in the birth. According to customer feedback, mothers feel empowered and in control of their own childbirth when using Relaxbirth.


Our solution

Our Relaxbirth solution is based on the natural female anatomy and ergonomics: aiding relaxation and active movement. By encouraging birth in an upright position the device allows the mother to fully use her natural strength while also benefiting from the force of gravity.


For maternity hospitals, Relaxbirth helps improve customer satisfaction and can provide them with a competitive edge. Relaxbirth helps reduce costs and overcomes many of the challenges and problems encountered in current practice. Our solution combines our Method training and our Birthing Support device. The device can be leased, rented or bought. The benefits from the Relaxbirth solution include:

  • A device offering maximum visibility and access for the professional to aid the mother and child in a safe and ergonomic way during the pushing stage
  • A solution which addresses each mother’s individual needs and desires for birthing position and contributes to a more active, positive and empowering birthing experience
  • Helps reduce the incidence of expensive instrumental births (C-sections, vacuums or forceps), costly and painful complications related to protracted childbirth
  • Helps improve resource utilization in the hospital

Relaxbirth has been shown to be safe and we expect to have additional clinical data for marketing. Clinical evidence to date includes the following studies:

  • Making an active delivery possible and reinforcement of a positive childbirth experience (9/10 of the mothers). University of Tampere: Syrjäläinen Raika, 2013: Women's experiences with childbirth and the Relaxbirth® Birthing Support
  • Relaxbirth decreases professionals’ musculoskeletal exposure. Possible to work with a straight back 80 %, compared to traditional way 18 %. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health: Birthing Support for Midwives and Mothers - Ergonomic Testing and Product Development. Nevala Nina, Ketola Ritva, 2012

What we are looking for

We are seeking partners capable of working with hospitals and clinics that are progressive in their thinking and methods, as well as those able to offer alternative methods for their demanding customers. We value experience in launching innovative and ground-breaking products in the maternity market.

We are also seeking financing for entry into global markets. Initially we seek to target markets in Europe, North America and the Middle-East. In the longer term we also aim to enter markets in the developed areas of the world in order to help these societies with their efforts to lower their relatively high mother and baby mortality rates.


Contact information

Jukka-Pekka Luostarinen



+358 44 715 0080


Kuortaneenkatu 2, 00510 Helsinki Finland

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