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who we are

RemoteA Ltd. is an eHealth services company specializing in remote diagnostic services, medical software services and cardiac analytics.  RemoteA is also a certified medical device manufacturer. Since 2002, we are a pioneer in remote diagnostics and have remotely diagnosed over 160.000 patients with our services. Currently we are developing SmartECG service, an algorithm-based automatic analysis tool for the GPs.


Our solution

Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform simplifies the diagnosis of a number of common medical disorders and provides specialist’s consultation in max 5 days.

SmartECG service will help patients get to treatment even faster: it will provide the GPs a fast and reliable decision-making tool, an automatic analysis within minutes from downloading the ECG data to our service. We will pilot and launch our service at the end of 2018 after the FDA and CE validation processes are finalised.

SmartECG service is based on our experience as a distance diagnostics provider and algorithm expertise. We have been able to accumulate a unique cardiac database of 1,5+ million hours of clinically relevant data with findings, diagnosis and treatment recommendations provided by top cardiologists. We develop and license Cardiac Analytics, top quality algorithms that help you make sense of your cardiac data.


The Remote Diagnostics Services and the SmartECG service provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of diagnosing more patients faster. For patients the solutions mean better customer experience and quality of life.

Our Medical Service Platform provides a secure and proven way to better and more effective healthcare processes.

Cardiac analysis software development will help you better understand and leverage your cardiac data. You can significantly shorten the time to market of your cardiac products and benefit from the quality in our cardiac analytics.

what we are looking for

Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform as well as SmartECG service are designed to meet the needs and expectations of healthcare professionals, GPs and cardiologists.

As SmartECG service will be compatible with 80 % of ECG monitoring devices, we are looking for co-operation with ECG device companies in order to provide the healthcare sector with the best possible tools for better healthcare.

If you are a company or an organization in need of top-quality cardiac analysis software, we are the perfect partner for you.

We strive for win-win situations with our clients and ultimately promote the health and well-being of the huge number of people affected by heart-related issues. Give us a call or send an email, we would be more than happy to talk about your cardiac analysis needs and other cooperation possibilities.

team profiles

With great mix of leading cardiologists, cardiac electrophysiologists, algorithm developers and business expertise, we are able to help our client organizations create more value for their end-user customers and provide patients faster access to care.


Contact information

Patrick Francke

+358 44 520 5440

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