Replicon Health

Providing Health Promotion Inventions Based on Mathematical Inference

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who we are

Replicon Health is a development and commercialization company focusing on products improving mitochondrial functions and in therapy of mitochondria related multiple and diverse disorders.

what we do

We have discovered, tested and applied for global patents on a molecule family (RH activators) that can activate fundamental pathways related to aerobic energy metabolism, ROS scavenging, inflammation control, and healthy anabolic reactions. We aim at fast market entry with carefully selected medical and/or nutraceutical solution.

team profiles

Petteri Hirvonen
CEO and Chief Scientific Officer

Risto Kaksonen
Medical Director

Contact information

Replicon Health Ltd.

+358 50 552 96 33

Skype: ophirvonen

Tekniikantie 2, 02150 Espoo, FINLAND

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