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Who we are

Repolar Pharmaceuticals Oy is a family company established in 2006. The company researches, develops and markets products based on active components of Norway Spruce for wound care, skin and nail care and animal health. Products are used in several European countries in hospitals, clinics and in home care. The company holds ISO 13485 quality management certificate and CE certificates for wound care and skin and nail care products.

Our solution

Our novel Resol Technology enables us to bring the nature’s own protection and healing mechanisms into a modern medical environment with high safety and proven efficacy. All Repolar products are based on active components of Norway Spruce resin and have comprehensive laboratory and clinical evidence. Abilar ointmens are designed for effective treatment of complex, hard to heal wounds in hospitals as well as wounds at home. Abicin resin lacquer and Resolain scalp tonic are products to treat fungal infection of the nails and irritated scalp and skin. Veterinary product range today has four products for treatment of skin, ears and other areas with animals.


Repolar's resin extract based products have a unique threefold functionality in healthcare solutions making them natural, cost-effective alternatives for topical antibiotics and synthetic medicines.

Active components of resin have been proven to be in vitro strongly antimicrobial with broad spectrum and have anti-inflammatory properties. Resin components are also shown to enhance the re-epithelialization of the skin.

What we are looking for

We are looking for partners in distribution of our products as well as partners to co-develop new solutions utilizing the unique functionality of the resin extracts.

Team profiles

Repolar team operates in two locations in Finland with its own active ingredient manufacturing plant. Our team has extensive knowledge in resin chemistry and microbiology supported by a strong team of medical doctors engaged in product development.


Contact information

Paavo Heikkinen


+358 50 42 92 611

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