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Revenio is a Finnish health tech group operating internationally in various markets. The Group’s worldwide success is based on a Finnish invention: strongly patented IOP measurement technology. The growth of the Group’s core business is based on opening new markets for its Icare® tonometers.

As the nucleus for future growth, Revenio group owns a 53 % majority share of Oscare Medical, a company that sells a device for the detection of and screening for osteoporosis, representing pioneering expertise and technology in its field.

In late 2014, Revenio established a subsidiary, Revenio Research Ltd., to manage the R&D projects of Revenio Group. The company will focus both on the development of existing products and on health tech-related R&D projects with the purpose of identifying and commercializing new screening opportunities related to health tech. The common denominators of these projects include screening, follow-up and the global need to make cost savings in health care through preventive measures. Revenio’s goal is to build future growth paths from these nuclei alongside the current products of Revenio Group.

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