Round Table on Assisted Living Technologies

Round Table on Assisted Living Technologies

Round Table on Assisted Living Technologies in Odense 26.10.2016

This round table will concentrate on assisted living technologies, including:

  • Dispensing and handling medication
  • Monitoring and sensors
  • Solutions for communication

Dispensing and handling medication
Dispersing and handling medication is one of the greater challenging tasks the Danish municipalities have to handle There exists a great wish to be able to handle different issues concerning these tasks. Considerable amounts of resources are being used in order to handle and dispense medication to citizens in their own homes, and making sure that they take their medication on time. In addition, procedures are constantly being scrutinized and optimized in order to streamline medication management and avoid unintended errors in dispersing medication in Danish nursing homes.

Monitoring and sensors
Danish municipalities wish to work more intensely with the possibility of monitoring citizens in their own homes, with the purpose of supporting citizens' self-reliance and provide them with individually fitted welfare services. Danish municipalities want citizens to be self-reliant for as long as possible; therefore needs for solutions that can support this ambition are prioritized. Danish nursing homes work hard to boost and rationalize workflows that ensure higher quality for residents. Within this effort, a number of projects testing a number of solutions, which can help ensure that the appropriate help comes when residents need it, are currently being tested. For example, sensors that register whether a resident has fallen; sensors that detect when residents are moving out of the bed and thus turn on the light; door sensors that detect whether the occupant has left the apartment, GPS tracking people suffering from dementia, and more. Currently, work is needed in order to find out which monitoring- and sensor systems provide the most value for municipalities.

Communications solutions
Another area of focus is how to improve communication, data collection, and documentation between citizens and municipalities within the field of senior citizens. In Denmark, homecare professionals spend a lot of time recording data on individual citizens to ensure that they each receive the correct assistance. Communication between citizens, the municipality, and the relatives is time consuming and complex, and often becomes even more challenging when citizens grow older. Therefore, there is a demand for systems that make this task simple - while ensuring that relevant data is recorded. Nationally, we work on a number of projects concerning how civil society can be engaged and used as a resource in the work on aiding citizens as long as possible in their own homes.

The Finnish suppliers will benefit from participating in round table meetings by:

  • Gaining knowledge of the biggest problems in Denmark within the segment assisted living
  • Gaining knowledge of the Danish digital strategy
  • Receiving insights concerning the participating municipalities' existing needs
  • Getting introductions to future projects in the participating municipalities
  • Getting introductions to future projects in PI's municipal Living Lab Network
  • Being able to match their technology with a specific problem
  • Being able to work with their technology in relation to:
    •  Innovation and technology within the segment
    •  Value creation within the segment
    •  Barriers and gaps in the market
  • Being introduced to a number of municipal decision-makers

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Oct 26, 2016

Odense, Denmark

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Päivi Antila


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