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Who we are

The foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 by Ritva and Pekka Niemi. The value of the assets are over 100 M€ and provides almost 700 senior homes  in five locations in Southern Finland together with Geriatric hospital with 214 beds in the city of Turku.

The mission is to provide modern age solutions for easier senior living by respecting the independence and the individual choices of senior citizens.

Companies implement the mission by developing, building and maintaining high-quality rental housing for the elderly.

Our solution

The Saga senior houses are highly respected places to live. The apartments are of high quality, light and have your own home feeling. The houses are located in the beautiful and central locations.

The Saga senior houses have big public areas, own library , restaurants, as well as the gym,  sauna and pool departments. The common areas are beautifully decorated together with winter gardens.

Saga Senior Homes allow the independent and safe living in active environment, where 24 hours a day services are available to improve the quality of life. Services include health care, nursing, medical, meal, cleaning, physical therapy and security services.


•High quality housing for the elderly
•Personalized living environment and services to meet the needs of the seniors
•Senior Club activities- concept
•Saga quality manual
•Saga electronic patient system eCare


What we are looking for

Contact information


+358 2 445 4451

Juhana Herttuan Puistokatu 23, 20101 Turku, Finland

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