Saimia - Saimaa University of Applied Sciences

Saimia - Saimaa University of Applied Sciences


Saimaa UAS offers degree programs in five fields

The Saimaa University of Applied Sciences is an institute of higher education in Southeastern Finland in the cities of Lappeenranta and Imatra. We offer degrees in five fields and in 20 degree programs.

We have about 3000 students, 200 of them being international degree students. The number of teachers and other personnel is about 260. We have two campuses, one in Lappeenranta and another in Imatra.

The students from abroad who join us, are welcomed as an integral part of the international atmosphere of our university of applied sciences, and they give us all an opportunity to learn how to work in a multicultural environment. In our international co-operation, we place emphasis on Western Europe, Nordic countries, Russia and the new EU member states, as well as China and Malaysia in Asia. Many of our students take the opportunity to complement their studies by studying or working with one of our international partners. We also have a lecturer exchange scheme whereby we offer our expertise to our international partners and in exchange, we benefit from some of the unique knowledge they have to offer. We are strongly committed to addressing the challenges of international research and development projects.


Degree Programs in Health Care and Social Services

The Unit of Health Care and Social Services at the Saimaa UAS offers degree programs in Paramedic Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Public Health Nursing, and Social Services. Simulation laboratories are used for genuine practice of patient care under the guidance of experienced teachers are also used.

The content of courses is developed in cooperation with representatives from work environments in order to better meet the needs of the work community. Practical training at work is achieved through clinical practice placements as well as participation in working life projects.

Information about RD in Saimaa UAS

Technology and tools can enable – real smartness comes from the people’s ability to utilize these tools

As a university of applied sciences, our R&D&I activities are practically oriented, applying scientific research results to the business world and public sector use. We also actively gather development needs from these organizations, and respond to these need with our R&D&I. Our focus areas are service internationalization, customer-oriented and efficient health care services and commercialization of technological innovations. As a common denominator in all of these is the human being, citizen and individual person perspective. All of the below mentioned projects are joint projects with Saimaa University of Applied Sciences and Lappeenranta University of Technology, where LUT concentrates on scientific research and Saimaa UAS on applied research and development.


Even in today’s world of mobile connections, apps and devices, the customer of social and health care is still seen as a passive target for services. This is especially true in public health care, where the efficiency improvement actions like electronic service development are done from service provider point of view. At the same time the consumers are increasingly more motivated and willing to take care of themselves, monitoring their life. The information collected and created by the consumers does not interest the health care professionals, as it doesn’t fit together with the patient information system demands, and it isn’t clinically proven. In TYYPPI project we bring the customer/patient to the center, targeting to design the prototype future health care service customer and a service path that complements and adds value to the everyday life of people – using time, place, channel, format and other similar connectors to anchor the services to the daily routines. This development work is done in close cooperation with several large public health care organizations.


Finnish public sector is facing a challenges: Inhabitants expect better services and at the same time municipalities have less money to produce the services. Structural changes are needed. In DigiCapture project we observe the previously mentioned phenomena as a complex and sociotechnical system. We will challenge the current ways of thinking in Finnish industry towards experimental culture. The DigiCapture research focuses on observing, researching, and utilization of dynamics of information creation processes which evolve in eco- and egosystems. We search solutions by creating new digital service layers and new ways of organizing, managing and leading human and other resources. Our key concepts include: full-stack, sharing economy, digital platforms, business eco- and egosystems, and complex adaptive system.

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