Who we are

SE Innovations Ltd. is an innovative Finnish technology company that develops ecosystems to allow large-scale integrations for product and service development in many different sectors. The company owns all IPR and product rights of SENIORSome® and SENEScreen® products and services and is the parent company for all Senior Some subsidiaries. In Finland, Senior Some Finland Ltd. owns the country-specific license rights for SENIORSome® and SENEScreen® products and services and sells and markets them nationwide. In Sweden, the Group has also a subsidiary Senior Some Sweden AB.

The company product offering:

  • 10" tablet computers
  • Wristbands with sensors, GPS, phone integration
  • Own Apps
  • Backend with cloudcomputing with bigdata and datamining

Our solution

Our products are aimed at seniors (+65), dementia patients and disabled persons. We provide complete ecosystems which combine communication, surveillance and security into one system with daily activities, excergames, physiotherapy and videos (streching, brain training, reminders etc.). Our unique solutions offer a wide range of helpful tools to all parties involved. The products are aimed for B2C as well as B2B.


Benefits include:

  • Safe communication with HIPAA encryption
  • Oneway communication option
  • Activity based calendar with preprogrammed daily schedule for remaining time
  • Totally remote controlled with updates, remote repair, remote monitoring and automatic fault messages from the server

What we are looking for

Country partners who would like to use our system and benefit from our technology. We have daughter companies in Finland and Sweden; LOI to Austria, Switzerland and Germany; partner negotiations going on to Spain and France; and pilots starting in Singapore, Russia, etc.

Contact information

Rauno Saarnio

Chariman of the Board


+358 40 5789280

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