Who we are

Senior Some Finland Ltd. offers products and services to help seniors and dementia patients to stay at home longer safely. Senior Some Finland Ltd. is a subsidiary company of SE Innovations Ltd. and owns the country-specific license rights for SENIORSome® and SENEScreen® products and services and sells and markets them nationwide.

Our solution

The products and services are aimed for B2C as well as B2B customers: end-user groups are mainly older adults, seniors, dementia patients and disabled persons at all age.
We provide complete ecosystem which combine communication, surveillance, security, entertainment and inspiration into one system with daily activities, excergames, physiotherapy and videos (stretching, brain training, reminders etc.).
Our unique solutions offer a wide range of helpful tools to all parties involved.

We offer:

  • 10" tablet computers, the use of which can be customized to meet user’s skills
  • Wristbands with sensors, GPS, phone integration
  • Own Apps
  • Backend with cloud computing with big data and datamining

Our solutions are suitable for:

Digital rehabilitation
Digital physiotherapy


We help relatives, communities, etc. to be part of seniors' everyday life more actively.
Our aim is to keep seniors longer at home safely or improve the senior’s quality of life in a nursing home or even help the health care workers at work. Benefits include a lot of inspiration and content for everyday life with different kind of activities and easier communication with relatives and important people. Safe communication with HIPAA encryption, one-way or two-way communication options, activity based calendar with pre(remote)programmed daily schedule for remaining time. The system is totally remote controlled with updates, remote repair and remote monitoring.

What we are looking for

• B2B and B2C customers who would like to use our system and benefit from our technology.
• Country partners, resellers and entrepreneurs who want to act as product representatives

Contact information

Pekka Sipilä

Sales Director


+358 45 139 8150


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