who we are

Sensire is a Finnish ISO-certified company, with more than 10 years of experience in developing and implementing digital quality monitoring solutions. Company’s solution portfolio is based on wireless sensing and real-time data transfer into the cloud. Solutions developed by Sensire are widely used by a variety of healthcare and pharma customers in Finland. 

Our solution

Sensire Med cloud-based solutions in healthcare and pharma provide a completely new way for working staff and supervisors to collect, monitor and report data, such as contamination (alpha, beta, gamma), radiation, cumulative dose and dose rate, and conditions, like temperature, relative humidity, pressure difference and CO2. Collected data is transferred in the cloud, where authorized hospital staff can view, analyze and report results, also to third parties and regulators.


Primary benefits of using digital automated monitoring are occupational safety and efficiency. For example, a hospital with 30 wards saves annually 30.000,00 Euros with Sensire Med’s automated 24/7 condition monitoring. Major savings are also gained e.g. by monitoring gamma camera rooms, where conditions like relative humidity and temperature are not allowed exceed set levels. Digital recordkeeping also eliminates the possibility for human errors. Sensire Med is a easy-to-use, scalable, secure and cost-effective solution that covers all aspects of radiation monitoring in healthcare and pharma including monitoring of radioactive contamination in nuclear medicine. In addition, it covers laboratory, storage conditions and transportation logistics for temperature sensitive samples and pharmaceuticals.

what we are looking for

We have excellent domestic references already and e.g. 85% of Finnish Health Care and Social Districts use Sensire already. Product is very scalable and we are looking for value-adding partners.

team profiles

Mr. Jukkapekka Asikainen, CEO

Mrs. Janita Ylitalo, International Marketing Manager

Contact information

Sensire Med


+358 207 999 794


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