Who we are

On a mission to help parents and caregivers use technology to enable better care, SEP Solutions designs and manufactures IoT monitoring devices aimed at childcare with application possibilities also in eldercare and healthcare. These devices are combined with services to complete the care circle.

Working on expanding our recently launched first IoT video monitoring consumer product to a B2C/B2B life science product portfolio, we’re aiming to reach 100 MEUR in valuation by 2020.

Although practically still pre-revenue, our concept and approach has already received international recognition:

  • Innovation World Cup finalist in the category of IoT/M2M Healthcare
  • A’Design Gold Medalist in product design, in the category of Babies, Kids’ and Children’s products
  • Shortlisted in 2015 and 2016 in British Baby Association Awards’ categories Best new safety product and Best new product
  • Team Finland’s Going Global prize, awarded to 20 companies out of more than 600 taking part in Kasvu Open in 2015 deemed to have the biggest international potential by Tekes, Finnvera and Finpro

our solution

Our first product is a B2C baby monitoring solution, which enables parents to not just monitor their child anytime, form anywhere, but also keep track of the baby’s daily feeding, sleeping and diaper changes as well as growth and development with WHO growth charts and developmental milestones.

What we offer is completely new in the baby monitoring market currently worth $1bil, which has been slow to adapt technology although the market demand is clear and growing. What we offer also has relevance in the B2B health sector, where we’re doing a pilot this fall involving nurses interested in using our solution to teach new parents, for example, about baby routine. The system can also be used as a communication and information gathering tool to help make the maternity clinic appointments be run more efficiently. Our solution also has many other application possibilities in, for example, eldercare in addition to which it can be used to help make remote diagnoses for people of all ages.  


For end-users the Onni Care solutions offer comprehensive and connected baby monitoring tool in one simple-to-use package eliminating the need to use different stand-alone solutions (or even pen and paper). At the same time Onni Care helps parents be more aware of the child’s unique needs and patterns as well as growth and development. When used in the healthcare sector by, for example midwives at maternity clinics or pediatricians at hospitals, the system can be used in different ways to bring cost savings while enabling better care.

As an IoT platform, our system can also be adapted to other house devices including smart sensors to automate stock management and re-ordering.

What we are looking for

We are looking for funding for on-going R&D, device inventory, sales and marketing as well as guidance for international growth.

Team profiles

SEP Solutions draws on the experience of a well-balanced C-level team:

  • Erasmus van Niekerk, CEO: built and sold a tracking app.
  • Satu Niemelä, COO: 12 years of localization and copywriting at Nokia.
  • Jari Naula, CTO: 15 years at Nokia managing people and projects.
  • Pedro Coutinho, Marketing Manager: 8 years at Lappset Group Ltd in design and digital marketing.

SEP Solutions also draws on the expertise of some seasoned advisors to the board:

  • Aki Karihtala, an award-winning sales and marketing pro with specific experience from going international.
  • Neil Dodds, a seasoned baby durables expert with hands-on experience from taking numerous products to market all over the world.
  • Jessica Cornwell, a specialist in consulting companies in the baby industry with a focus in sourcing and logistics.
  • Gerad Barclay, an online retail entrepreneur with experience from successfully starting multiple specialty online retail stores. Currently the CEO and founding partner of the biggest independent online retail group of baby durables in the UK.

Contact information

Erasmus van Niekerk



+358 40 835 2635


SEP Solutions HQ: Höyrymyllyntie 18 a 5, 90520 Oulu, Finland

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