Silence is QuietOn

Silence is QuietOn


Finnish company QuietOn has created a genuine innovation that revolutionises the meaning of deafening silence with active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation.


Dentists like them. Their customers love them. Couples benefit from them. Business travellers promote them. Why are QuietOn earplugs so captivating? Simply because the much valued Finnish silence is now on everyone’s lips.

QuietOn earplugs boost one’s wellbeing by reducing stress brought upon by continuous background noise. They help users to improve performances by avoiding distractions so that the focus is on the task at hand. Furthermore, they can convert an exhausting flight into a relaxing journey.

These noise cancellation earplugs are one-of-a-kind in the world, whose form factory makes it possible to comfortably rest a head on a pillow or work anywhere without the need of the noise cancellation headphones.

“Our feedback has been magical,” rejoices Janne Kyllönen, COB and founder of QuietOn. “The product has the potential to change people’s lives. Its ability to minimise the irritation caused by snoring has already saved some marriages.”

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