who we are

Skhole is an up-and-coming company in the e-learning scene. We firmly believe that the democratization of education begins with electronic media. In the long run we endeavour to achieve nothing less than the total revolution of how education is delivered.

Our solution

Skhole’s unique e-learning platform gives you the opportunity to study a wide variety of lectures used in nursing education and in-house training for healthcare professionals.  We work together with universities and healthcare districts to identify and produce content that is relevant to the widest possible audience. One login and you have at your disposal all of our current as well as our future e-learning material.

Watch videos on Skhole:

Skhole production process

The school of the future

Skhole course matrix


By offering affordable, accessible and assessable e-learning to the healthcare sector Skhole empowers healthcare workers to educate themselves on their own terms and enables healthcare providers to measure the competences and knowledge-gaps of their professionals.

what we are looking for

We are looking for partners that can help us create equal learning opportunities in the healthcare sector independent of time and place. This can mean sales partners, consultant partners that help us with localization in the international markets or for instance governments interested in measuring and improving the competences of their workers in the healthcare sector.

Contact information

Niklas Nurttila

International Sales


+358 50 558 0044


Toinen Linja 23, 00810 Helsinki

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