who we are

Sooma Ltd. is a Finnish medical device manufacturer developing innovative neuromodulation technology for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Sooma produces easy-to-use products and solutions which enable improved treatment outcomes for patients. The company holds ISO13485 and ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certificates and has international patents pending. Our mission is to help relieve the economic burden of major neurological and psychiatric illnesses.

Our solution

Sooma is commercializing a portable brain stimulation product, the Sooma tDCSTM, for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). The Sooma tDCSTM is a CE-marked device that is affordable, easy to use and easily adaptable to various clinical routines. 


Depression is the most important cause of disability worldwide, affecting around 8 to 12 percent of a country’s population over a lifetime. However, almost half of the people diagnosed with depression do not obtain adequate help from the current methods of treatment. Our Sooma tDCS device can be used as an add-on to conventional methods, or as monotherapy, to improve outcomes for people suffering from depression. Sooma’s device-based therapy is an excellent option for those who do not tolerate, or do not gain adequate benefit from antidepressant pharmaceuticals. Our device-based method for depression therapy has minimal side effects, and is easily integrated into various care processes.

what we are looking for

Sooma is looking for distribution partners for Sooma tDCSTM. Please get in touch with us if you see a business opportunity for reselling this innovative product in your market. As the field of neuromodulation is experiencing a rapid expansion of scientific and commercial activities, we believe that there are many potential partners. Sooma Ltd. warmly welcomes innovative proposals for cooperation, especially in the fields of psychiatric care and neurological rehabilitation.

We aim to become a leading provider of neuromodulation technologies globally. To achieve this, we are also seeking international investors that share our vision of transforming healthcare and have the capability to approach the challenge globally.

team profiles


Jani Virtanen (D.Sc. Tech), COO.

Tuomas Neuvonen (M.Sc. Tech), CEO.

Contact information

Sooma Oy


Tel: +358 10 328 9811


Kuortaneenkatu 2,00510 Helsinki,FINLAND

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